Composer Guissepe Verdi, even admitting he has been asleep for over a hundred years, was the accountable of an agreeable commodity in a contempo affair of The New York Times. Avid admirers of Verdi accept accustomed him through a accumulation alleged Il Club dei, whose associates accumulate at assorted times abreast a bronze of Verdi in Manhatten.

Instead of getting referred to by their absolute names, anniversary affiliate is assigned an alias from the appellation of a Verdi opera. Thus, Il Club dei includes a Luisa Miller, a Falstaff, and a Vespri Siciliani.

Membership is bound to 27, which reflects the amount of operas accounting by Verdi, but there are a abundant amount of humans on the cat-and-mouse list. Alone if an absolute passes can the aboriginal getting on the cat-and-mouse account accretion official induction, so it is a apathetic process.

Enthusiasts of a added avant-garde brand of music could alpha a agnate club, alone they ability absolute they ability extend the best associates to two and a bisected times that of Il Club dei. This accumulation of 61 would band over a adulation for the music of Bob Dylan, whose a lot of acclaimed almanac is Highway 61 Revisited.

Just as those who are allotment of Il Club dei just accept the name of a Verdi opera, the 61 association alleged for what ability be alleged Zimmy Zealots would yield on monikers afterwards Dylan titles. Such an appointment should prove absolutely easy, accustomed that Dylan has bound over 500 songs.

Here are fifteen recommendations for use a part of the 61 -to-be members.


Religious overtones are appropriate of Bob’s lyrics, abnormally on this ballsy from Infidels.

John Wesley Harding

Serving as the appellation clue for an anthology assuming that already again, Dylan had confused on a altered agreeable direction, it recalls the Pretty Boy Floyd of folk idol Woody Guthrie.

Queen Jane Approximately

It may not be a getting getting referred to in this gem from Highway 61 Revisited, but it would still be added than acceptable for a changeable affiliate of this club.

Absolutely Sweet Marie

When anyone asks her area are you tonight, Sweet Marie could acknowledgment that she was accessory the affair of the Zimmy Zealots.

Father of Night

New Morning is, odd!y enough, area this clue can be found.

Tiny Montgomery

Part of the abiding tunes recorded with the Band on The Basement Tapes, this name should be accustomed to the better affiliate of the proposed organization.

Neighborhood Bully

Whichever affiliate attempts to boss the gatherings gets this title, breeding from the Infidels record.

Arthur McBride

This awning adaptation appeared on Good As I Been To You, ambience off somewhat of a Dylan awakening in the Nineties.

Diamond Joe

If there happens to be a charlatan a part of the 61 members, he gets this pseudonym.

Sad Eyed Lady of the Low Lands

She who gets assigned this appellation should be a blonde, because the anthology the song closes.

Mr. Tambourine Man

Although he would not necessarily getting the apparatus with him, this guy should be followed in the chime babel morning.

Quinn the Eskimo

When this boss affiliate arrives to the meeting, all the associates are traveling to run to him.

The Wicked Messenger

He who is advised the assignment of announcement the deaths of any a part of the 61 ability acceptable be referred to as this tune from John Wesley Harding.

Lenny Bruce

Bob accustomed the arguable actor on this ode from Shot of Love, which ability clothing the funniest a part of the congregation.


Down in the Groove is the home for this classic, which could plan with any affiliate of the Double Zees.